Filing a Criminal Complaint

To file a criminal complaint:

  • Contact the Department of Public Safety (911) for assistance in filing a criminal complaint and preserving physical evidence; and/or
  • Contact local law enforcement (911 or 609-921-2100) to file a criminal complaint.

SHARE and the Department of Public Safety are available to explain the process (e.g., the importance of preserving physical evidence) and to assist individuals in filing a criminal complaint.  

The University’s policies differ from New Jersey criminal law. Proceedings under University policy may be carried out prior to, simultaneously with, or following civil or criminal proceedings off campus. Neither a decision by law enforcement regarding prosecution nor the outcome of any criminal proceeding will be considered determinative of whether a violation of University policy has occurred.

For more information, see section XI(2) of the Title IX Sexual Harassment policy and section X(2) of the University Sexual Misconduct policy.