In order to encourage reports of conduct that is prohibited under the Title IX Sexual Harassment policy and the University Sexual Misconduct policy, the University may offer leniency with respect to other violations which may come to light as a result of such reports, depending on the circumstances involved. For more information, see Title IX Sexual Harassment policy section VI(4) and the University Sexual Misconduct policy section VI(4).

2020-2021 Addendum:  Leniency may also be applied in certain situations involving violations of the University’s Social Contract, and/or other health and safety requirements related to COVID-19.  However, leniency may not be applicable in situations involving students who host others in violation of the Social Contract and/or other policies, depending on the circumstances.  Students with questions or concerns related to how sexual misconduct may intersect with the Social Contract are encouraged to reach out to SHARE staff ([email protected] or 609-258-3310) for a confidential consultation.