Investigation Process

The below information is intended to provide information regarding the investigation process. 

The Title IX Sexual Harassment policy and the University Sexual Misconduct policy are the official procedures by which the investigatory process is implemented.  These policies should therefore be consulted for information regarding investigation and disciplinary procedures.

Prior to being interviewed by the investigative panel, the complainant and the respondent will be invited to meet (separately) with the Director of Gender Equity and Title IX Administration, who will explain the relevant grievance process in detail and will answer any questions that the parties may have regarding the process. 

These documents include information regarding the following topics:  

  • Gathering Evidence
  • Discussing the Investigation 
  • Interviews
  • Recording
  • Nature of the Questioning
  • Notice of Allegations and Case File
  • Review of Case File
  • Investigative Report
  • Hearing
  • Outcome
  • Sanction
  • Written Determination
  • Length of Investigation
  • Appeals
  • Retaliation

Please note that if one of the parties is not a current member of the University community (e.g., an alum, a visitor), different procedures may apply.  For more information, see Title IX Sexual Harassment policy section X(10) and University Sexual Misconduct policy section IX(10).  Specifically, in cases under the University Sexual Misconduct policy, a written summary of the case file will be provided (rather than the full case file), a written summary of the investigative report will be provided (rather than the full investigative report), a summary of the written determination will be provided (rather than the full written determination), and a hearing may occur without assembling all of the parties together at the same time.