Frequently Asked Questions regarding Retaliation

Last updated November 2020

Princeton University strongly encourages members of the University community to report suspected violations of University policy.[1]  However, we understand that some individuals may be reluctant to report their concerns due to fear of retaliation.  These FAQs seek to provide information regarding what constitutes Retaliation under various University policies,[2]  as well as provide information for those who feel that they have experienced Retaliation.

The Title IX Sexual Harassment policy and the University Sexual Misconduct policy are the best sources of information regarding Retaliation under these policies; see section III of the Title IX Sexual Harassment policy and section III of the University Sexual Misconduct policy for specific information related to Retaliation under these policies. 

[1] Additionally, employees have certain required reporting responsibilities with respect to sexual misconduct.  Additional information regarding these responsibilities are available at Faculty & Staff Reporting Obligations.