Sexual Misconduct while Abroad

The University Sexual Misconduct policy applies to conduct that occurs off University property when that conduct is associated with a University-sponsored program or activity, such as travel, research, or internship programs.  That is, if an individual experiences sexual misconduct while abroad on a University-sponsored program or activity (for example, a study abroad program, Bridge Year, University-sponsored independent research or field work, a University-sponsored internship, a University-sponsored athletic team event, a University-sponsored student organization trip, an academic conference or professional development program), you are entitled to the same resources (including supportive measures and support resources) and protections (including University disciplinary processes where the other party is a student, faculty or staff member) that you would have on campus.

On-Campus/University-sponsored Confidential Resources

If you have experienced sexual misconduct while abroad, the following on-campus or University-sponsored confidential resources can assist you:

  • SHARE (Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources and Education): 24/7 on-campus resource for students that provides crisis response, support, short-term counseling, advocacy, education, and referral services to those dealing with incidents of interpersonal violence and abuse, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS): 24/7 on-campus resource for students that supports psychological well-being
  • University Health Services (UHS): 24/7 on-campus resource for students that provides medical, health, and wellness services
  • Office of Religious Life Chaplains: on-campus resource for students, faculty, and staff that provides individual counseling to individuals of all faiths
  • Carebridge: off-campus external organization for graduate students, faculty, and staff that provides assistance managing work, personal, or family life issues (800-437-0911)

Off-campus Resources

The following resources are not affiliated with Princeton University.  While they may be helpful, they are provided for reference and do not represent an endorsement of services.  Website information for these resources is provided at under the Support Resources tab under Sexual Misconduct While Abroad.

Additional University Resources

We encourage you to report the incident to the University by contacting any of the following, so that they can provide additional support and resources. 

Reporting the incident to the University allows the University to provide an array of information to you regarding available options and resources.  This could include assisting with:

  • Travel arrangements (if the impacted individual chooses to leave the location)
  • Housing arrangements (if the impacted individual seeks to change their living arrangements)
  • Academic support
  • Contacting local program/university authorities
  • Coordinating with your embassy for other support or information

It also allows the University to take steps that may protect other members of the community in the future.